Psalm 136

From all abundance you bless

The gift of your hands

A brilliant display your glory demands

Creation set by your loving kindness.

From everlasting, in eternity past

Foundations laid; dimensions cast

In contrite awe; humble thankfulness

The heavens spread, by your loving kindness.

Intracity planned each mountain mast,

Streams flow in deep valleys fast,

Constant to reign by your loving kindness.

Through millennia, a people redeemed

Chosen in shame, out of slavery freed

To holiness everlasting, by your loving kindness.

Who tore the Red Sea asunder

Stilled rains that flood with roaring thunder

A covenant made, your people kept, by your loving kindness.



Through The Frame is Glory

Savouring above, my heart to see;

through a looking glass, the wondrous beauty.

In mystery complex, beyond compare,

deep intricacies, my eyes unaware.

Framed by your Word, your glory declare,

the infinite worth of wealth to share.

Though faint at first, in frosted tint;

Through opaque glass,  the divine hint.

A window of pages, in nature beyond

Displays the pane, of goodness am fond.

Landscape of mysteries in depth untold

Remains in nature, the law of old.

Behold the majesty, created divine

In simple words, yet you shine.

Each mountain stream

runs cool and deep.

Of pure water;

satisfies my soul to keep.

Each Valley Tree,

shades the floor below

anchored in roots

by promises to know.

Each pastured meadow

by hushed stillness

peace unhindered,

rested quietness.

Each rolling hill

footsteps toward

a shadow of suffering

Where love adored.

Each winding path

A distant journey

perseverance endured

Ever closer to thee

From this earthly realm,

The new chapter begins,

Into the peculiar glory

Brightly overwhelm

No more sins,

Held over me

What wonder does this book hold

What power to make the believer bold

More value than any measure of gold

Inspired by Light in measure threefold.








Rue The Sinner


With silver tongue, does sin cause doubt.

The slithering whispers no hope can stay,

In the hidden darkness accusations shout.

The jagged arrows tear soul away.

Frantic fear in which I slave

Despise the lawless in which I crave

Shaken beneath a disturbed foundation

Trembling on these vile tribulations.

When the Temptor cause soul despair

The shackles keep within the lair

Of guilt and shame, the ball and chain.

The spotted canvas my soul destains 

Soften my hardened heart, the Narrow Light.

Shatter and break with all your might.

Renew the path, illumine my sight.

My sin to quake, flees the night!

What hope can stay, within the haze

So come what may, level the maze,

Another path, leave the end

No fearful wrath, around the bend.

Make as snow, from muddled guilt

Cleanse from within, the plaque walls built.

Remove from mind, what plagues to haunt 

To restore as new, come thou font. 




Cobwebs shake

As the cobwebs shake in whisp

Your sovereign breath the air lists,

New life in this ancient tomb,

No longer stale or barren womb.

What silence has no more stuttered,

Less than still your voice has uttered,

The howling wind, moves in power,

Shakes and trembles, causes dark to cower.

A bright dawn day, radiantly moves,

The dust and dirt, no longer settle

Out of providence your Spirit proves

No sin or stain can longer mettle

What light has brought,  illuminates my soul,

God renewed life, from hollow now whole.

My soul want to part

Though despair my soul want to part,

from an ever growing weary heart.

When anxious hurts take the toll,

And rays of hope, hid behind the knoll

Entrenched within, relentless mire

Any uplift call, still to tire.

Yet in the bleakness, Your presence grows

A full assurance, Your blessings flow.

In the distance though faint, I hear

‘Do not fret, for I am near’.

But in the darkness though I try,

Ever-dreary grey, covers night.

In the moment, I wonder why?

The weight bears heavy, despite my fight.

And though not mine, to give a reason

You are sovereign, in all the season.

The Suffering-servant, my burdens place

On that cross, Your amazing grace.

In hills and valleys, you are good,

For those who love him,  though I should,

Decrease myself and love you more,

Only by You, my heart does soar.

So here I wait, patient in the storm,

By discipline, my life to form,

From eternity to show your love,

To Your glory, by the God above.